By clicking on the Bumper Sticker above you can go directly to a PDF file which has the complete CC2009 report entitled "Articles of Freedom".


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In 2009 the "We The People Foundation" for Constitutional Education sponsored an authentic "public" election of delegates from each of the 50 states. Three delegates were elected from each state.


These delegates met for eleven days in November of 2009 in St. Charles, Illinois to discuss what our government has been doing, and not doing, in relationship to our Constitution.  For this eleven-day period the delegates worked together 24 hours a day in the body with a professional parliamentarian involved, using Robert's Rules of Order to formulate their conclusions about the state of the Constitution today.


They published their work in a report entitled "The Articles of Freedom". That report can be found by clicking on the "bumper sticker image above. If you click on the picture of our meeting to the left you will be taken to a page with more information about the Continental Congress of 2009.

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Articles Of Freedom